Let's connect if you're looking to start a successful QSR or home business. I guarantee you'll receive a Clarity Call: Ready for Business!

How do I enroll in the 7-day Home Business Training?

Course Duration :

1 week ( 1n half hour daily)

How to Join ?

Online , Offline ( At moment i am between Guntur & Vijayawada)

Course Highlight Topics :

  • Home Business Concept
  • How to setup Home business
  • What to start ?
  • Legal paper work
  • Budgets
  • Women supported loans & grants
  • Manpower
  • Business flow (SOP's)
  • Branding & Packaging
  • Logistics
  • Selling Online

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How do I start and manage a home business?

On a WhatsApp call or by directly meeting me in Hyderabad or wherever I travel, you can talk with me about my experiences with the Lovelychocos home business.

The above call will be worthwhile if you decide to do your everyday business from home. I can start with the basics of home business if you are a starter, explaining a basic to-do list guide to check before you start a home business, or you can also check with me whether you fit into home business before you quit your job and look to make a mainstream income from home.

If you've already decided to launch or already have a new product or service, we can discuss pricing, packaging, marketing, and logistics by sharing my case studies.

Duration: 1-hour Amount: 5000 INR for a limited time:2500 INR.

How do I start and manage a QSR?

If you want to open a fast-food place but don't know what to sell or where to start, don't worry—I can help. First, check out what people in your area like to eat by doing some research. Then, figure out how many people you need to hire and make a plan to train them well. Creating a menu with food that locals enjoy, mixing in some unique items. When picking a location, choose a busy spot that people like and follow the rules. Let's work together to make your fast-food place a success!

Duration: 1-hour Amount: 5000 INR for a limited time:2500 INR.

You can see our home business tour recorded by our cousin and Telugu digital content creator Ravi Kiran Koganti.

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Satya Vasireddy (Co-founder Lovelychocos)

Born in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, and with a degree in Master of Business Information Systems from Sydney, Australia.

It was the best time I encountered an e-commerce business. After coming back to India, I started to work on the entertainment network Planet70mm a marketplace for actors, but did not go forward as there was no strong revenue model. I also attempted to launch Bottlemart, an online platform for food and doorstep liquor but did not get permission to launch.

After the above two projects, I and my wife Sravani started lovelychocos choosing gifting space for customized chocolates and giving the option to personalize chocolate online by selecting a chocolate base, a variety of toppings with edible images, and short messages and getting them delivered to any part of India and outside India. You can try to customize and surprise your friends and family by ordering at www.lovelychocos.com.

Now we are expanding our brand through a home franchise business, giving training to homemakers to start lovelychocos at home while at the same time encouraging them to start second incomes from home making India a DEBT-FREE HOME which we made as our slogan.

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